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My Goal in Life: To find my Soulmate

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Rub Pencil Erasers To…
remove stick price tags.

Clean Your Stove Top…
using a baking soda and water cleaning solution.

Remove Candle Wax…
to reuse their glass holders.

Remove Rust From Your Garden…
using crumpled aluminum foil.

Clean Your Microwave…
using a coffee filter.

Wash Your Delicates…
using a colander.

Use Baking Soda…
to clean your outdoor grill.

Use Paper Coffee Cups To..
catch the debris when using a drill.

Use Salt To…
remove coffee and tea stains on your cups.

Remove Skunk Odors
by wiping your space down with vinegar.

Use Alka-Seltzer Tablets To…
unclog your drains.

Prevent Glasses & Silverware From Breaking…
by using rubber bands to keep them in place.

Prevent Your Headphones From Getting Tangled…
by using binder clips to keep them in place.

Use An Ice Cube To…
fix stubborn carpet dents.

Aluminum Foil Can Help You…
save time and money when ironing clothes.

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Happy New Year! ;)

Fall Outfit! (by Joshua Esme)


Joshie :D (by Joshua Esme)

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My reaction every time I go shopping.
Funny Stuff you like?


My reaction every time I go shopping.

Funny Stuff you like?


Black Holes


Of all the different celestial objects in the universe, black holes are probably the most frightening and awe inspiring. They are gigantic spots in the universe where mass has collected and gravity has overcome all other forces. The reason why black holes appear black is because not even light can escape the massive pull of gravity.

Alcoholic Cloud


If you’ve ever thought about opening a bar, maybe you should think about setting up in Sagittarius B. This molecular gas cloud is about 26,000 light years away from Earth, but it contains enough alcohol to party until the end of time! Okay, so it’s not drinkable, but the cloud does contain an octillion liters of vinyl alcohol.

Diamond Planet


If you thought that a 5-carat diamond was worth a lot, how about an entire planet made of the shiny stuff? This planet orbits a star in the constellation of Cancer and has a mass eight times greater than that of Earth. It’s estimated that at least one-third of the mass could be diamond, and the raw diamonds would be worth around $27 nonillion (27 followed by 30 zeros)!

Saturn’s Hexagonal Storm


Scientists are still baffled over this one. There’s a massive storm about twice the size of Earth on the north pole of Saturn, and the edge of that storm takes the pattern of a hexagon! This hexagonal pattern has lasted for over 30 years and may even be a permanent feature of the planet.

Hand Nebula


A particular observatory captured this image while observing a distant dying star. Many were quick to recognize the shape as a hand reaching out and referred to the nebula as “the hand of God.” The light from that particular event took about 17,000 years to reach Earth!

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I’ve only completed episode two of Netflix’s new series Orange Is the New Black but I can’t wait to see MORE of Laverne Cox. I’m so proud of her.

To me, a GIF is the internet’s marker of “I’VE MADE IT!”

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Here is a candle light vigil for your blog. Rest in peace, Cory Monteith, I was never in the glee fandom but i know what it’s like to lose a loved one. You will be missed.

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Outfit of the day! (by Joshua Esme)

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With my cutie niece! 😀😃😄 (Taken with GifBoom)